Our extensive range of machines and systems for core shops include core shooters as well as solutions for sand preparation, gassing, subsequent treatment, and tool changing and cleaning. If you would like any further information on any of the solutions on this page please contact us.

Core Production5

LE Series

Easy Core Shooting

LL Series

Compact Core Shooting

L Series

Flexible Core Shooting

LFB Series

Precise Core Shooting

LHL Series

Core Shooting Machines

Special Machines5


LD Series

The machines in the LD series are built on Röperwerk technology and are compact rotary-table machines with up to 4 stations. Both horizontally and vertically split core boxes can be accommodated. The shoot volume ranges from 2.5 to 16 litres and either hot or cold core hardening processes can be used. This machine series is used for the mass production of small and medium cores.


LHN Series

The LHN machine series is based on Röperwerk technology and is suitable for hot and cold core hardening processes. Tools with up to 6 parts can be accommodated. The shoot volume ranges from 6.5 to 120 litres. The degree of automation of the machines can be freely configured.


L-Series Single / L-Twin

The L-Single/L-Twin machine series is designed for extremely heavy and large tools. The shoot volume ranges from 50 to 600 litres. These machines are used by renowned automotive manufacturers and by railway and carriage builders. A special feature of these machines is that they are available in a single and twin version. The twin version can be used either with just one shoot head and two tools in an indexing mode with two independent shoot heads.


LCB Series


LFC Series

The LFC machine series is based on Hottinger technology and is designed for vertical split tooling. Usually, the cores are placed onto a removal device by means of the tilting half of the tool and are conveyed out of the machine. This machine series is normally used for the production of crankcase cores in the automotive industry. The shoot volume ranges from 40 to 80 litres.

Core Sand Preperation3

LVM Series

Vertical Mixer

LM Series

Horizontal Mixer


Complete Systems

In addition to individual mixers, Laempe's CoreSand Preparation range includes auxiliary components and complete systems to meet the specific requirements of sand preparation for different core processes.

Core Hardening2

LG+ Series

Turbo Booster

LG Series

Turbo Booster

Core Applications13


Manual Handling

Various gripper and handling systems have proven their worth for the manual handling of cores. This includes balancers with corresponding perforated and contour grippers.



Cores can also be automatically removed using pick-off systems in order to reduce removal times. A pick-off car with movable forks or cast pallet removes the cores from the upper or lower core box half as required.



Flexible robot automation is recommended for the complete automated removal of cores - and not just heavy and large cores! Further work steps and even a fully automatic assembly line can be connected directly to the removal process. Automation with robots requires a lot of experience and know-how in order to ensure trouble-free operations. Laempe & Mössner can plan and manufacture the grippers in our own gripper workshop.


Handling, Ball Claw, Vacuum Gripper

We will be happy to provide you with information on further technical variations and options for core removal systems.


Definning Cores

You can choose from various systems for definning cores: Brush, chain, or mask definning or automated definning using robots.


Core Coating

We can supply individual solutions for core coating ranging from simple coating tanks with agitators to fully automatic coating systems with circulation systems and constant level control. Our systems also incorporate the handling of the raw coating materials and the supply of individual or multiple coating tanks.


Quality Control

An automatic inspection system is used to check the quality and integrity of cores. Any defective or damaged cores can be removed from the production line and repeat defects can be prevented. Here, we use solutions ranging from simple optical systems to complex vision systems.



We can supply core assembly gluing technology ranging from manual gluing stations to semi-automatic gluing appliances and fully automatic gluing applications.


Screwing and Nailing

The screwing together of individual cores to make core packages can be carried out manually on stationary units or can be completely automated using robots and screw units. Nailing is another variant of this procedure.


Core Lock

The CoreLock system connects multiple individual cores together so that they interlock. To achieve this, one or more locking cores are shot through the core package. This highly flexible Laempe & Mössner system enables different core packages to be assembled without glue or fasteners.


Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems can be utilized for the assembly and transport of cores or core packages. Loading and unloading can take place in various places along the transport route. Integrated palleting and conveyor systems transport the cores or core packages directly to the casting line or to an interim store with high storage racks or shelf trolleys once they have been processed.


Core Buffer

Short downtimes such as those caused by core box changes can be offset by core buffers. These systems ensure constant, uninterrupted production and minimise the risk of plant failure.


High Storage Racks

Our high storage racks can act as casting buffer stores for the interim storage of cores or core packages. An extremely modern materials management system enables different core types to be managed properly and assures quick storage and retrievial.




The traditional core competences of Laempe & Mössner include innovative automation solutions. Laempe robotics provide automation solutions for all core shop areas: Sand preparation, core shooters, core transportation, and subsequent core processing.


Data Collection

Reducing reject rates, increasing technical availability, and constantly improving production efficiency in core shops - in today's world of global competition, production monitoring and ongoing improvement processes are becoming increasingly important.

Core Box Applications2


Tool Changer

Tool changing - including the clamping and unclamping of the tool in the core shooter - is fully automatic. The complete cycle runs in accordance with the parameters defined in the control system. A manual mode can also be used. The automatic tool changer significantly reduce tooling change over time.


Cleaning Station

Regular cleaning significantly lengthens tool life and greatly improves core quality. The semi-automatic or fully automatic cleaning station is integrated into the tool change system. The tool cleaning station features by low operating and consequential costs. When cleaning takes place, the blow plate is raised, cleaned, and placed in an intermediate position. The same then happens with the cope eject plate. The top part of the core box is raised and cleaned along with the bottom part. The cleaning station is housed in a noise protection cabin.